The Navy Blue Suit Diaries

March 21, 2019

A few years ago for the first time in my adult life I wore a suit. It was a bespoke suit, made by bulawayo’s finest designer CG. I was invited to the Intombi Young Women in Business awards at the Nesbitt Castle. For the first time I felt I needed to respect the occasion and the theme was black tie so really I had no choice. I will be lying if I said I never enjoyed the attention I was getting. Everyone I knew said I looked clean and expensive in the suit and I felt gorgeous too.

So as they say, navy blue is the new black. Many people nolonger just have a black suit they now have black and navy blue suit as their basic staples. What I like about a navy blue suit is you can dress it down in sneakers and a white T, or dress it up with formal shirt and formal shoes (well that’s the same with a black one but navy blue pops).

This suit was worn a couple of years ago and I have never worn it again, that’s why I am sharing pictures from long time ago. Lol. Ladies and gentlemen this is where it all began. I think I finally have a definition for my personal style. I can’t explain it but I will explain on a whole blog post.

Please forgive my pictures, they are not as beautiful or as clear because they are from a long time ago and I can’t find nicer ones but I will do a blog post on how I wore the suit and how you can wear it to suit your different occasions. I just needed to post these pictures (lol)

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