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The Mangongo Oil by Divine Pro

January 20, 2019

Hello darlings, welcome to 2019 and welcome back to my blog. I know I have not been here in a longtime but im actually working on a blog post to explain where i was and why i was not here. Anyway as i have often shared before, i have very sensitive skin and skin care for me means i must really take care of my skin, this means using proper and good skin care products. For some these are very expensive and over the top brands that I cannot afford right now but for me it is about the effect it will have on my very bad skin and also it depends on how legit and original the products are. I recently was introduced to Divine Pro Beauty Parlor and have had the pleasure of using a few of their products on my not so friendly skin, this time i am going to tell you about their Mangongo tissue oil. I got this at the Divine Pro HQ, in Bulawayo after a skin treatment.

Mangongo/Manketi Tree

Mangongo oil is a tissue oil that is extracted from a tree called, Mangongo/Manketi. This Tissue oil is good for the Skin and is very rich in Vitamin E and has a natural sunscreen (SPF 6), that protects your skin from direct sunlight which damages your skin.

Mangongo/Manketi seeds used to make the oil

Mangongo Tissue Oil is suitable for all skin types and can be applied to the whole body .It is used to treat skin conditions such as Eczema, stretch marks ,dull skin ,chapped hands and it is great is you are using borehole or dry water, it also nourishes your skin leaving it with a natural glow.

The Hair Oil

It is also good for those trying to grow their hair, its got strong antioxidants and fatty acids which are essential for hair growth and cleaning up the hair and skull from dandruff and damage caused by chemicals.

I think one thing that my friend said when she saw how gorgeous my skin looked was that i must stop bleaching because I’m becoming a shade lighter, i then explained that i am using Mangongo oil which contains a natural sunscreen which is good for my skin and through consistent use it restores my original complexion and leaves my skin with a natural glow. Now she is also trying it out and she confirmed how great her skin is left feeling.

To get this and other Divine Pro services and products visit the spa at Bulawayo Rainbow hotel 6th floor Divine Pro Beauty Palour or whatsapp +263778131887. Delivery is international with delivery charges added obviously. Do tell me in the comments down below what skin care products you use and if you have skin care related questions i can answer you with replies from the Divine Pro team.

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