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Under The wig…

November 2, 2018

Its 2018 my darlings and as we all knoware all about wigs, but are we taking proper care of our hair? As we know wigs and hair closures are are great for shielding your hair. However you must ensure the hair is well nourished before wearing the wig to avoid damaging your hair. Let me teach you how to take care of your hair…


It is important to wash and deep condition your hair before wearing your wig. This helps prevent dirt and product build-up. Always opt for products that repair and straighten your hair.


Base your scalp with a thick moisturizer to prevent it from dryingout and flacking off. Nourish your hair with thick products that will penetrate the hair shafts and straighten it.

Plait the hair.

Leaving the hair loose under a wig will fold it or cause friction, leading to breakage. If you cant plait rather wrap it neatly or plait it for protection.  Also ensure the hair is dry before putting a wig, damp hair can cause fungus.


The use of a hair mask is essential to improve the quality of your hair.  You can quickly make your own hair mask from the ingredients in your kitchen. Here is a quick and easy DIY mask for you….

Making a banana hair mask.

Mash bananas in a bowl until smooth. Add honey and olive oil and blend. Apply onto your hair and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing off. This hair mask is great because bananas are rich in potassium, vitamins, anti-oxidants and natural oils.


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