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uMakoti Royal Bride Exhibition by NkaZana

October 23, 2018

Ever been to a well organized show? From the entrance right till you get your seat? Well i attended one this weekend and let me share with you my amazing experience. Most of you know how much i love attending fashion and lifestyle events. Last week, i got an invite to the Nkazana Launch and like everybody else i was curious to see what it was all about. From the teasers they had been sending on facebook and instagram, i wasn’t sure what to expect so i gladly accepted the invitation and prepared myself for the big day.

The night we’d been waiting for arrived and just like everybody else i was ready and made my way to the Art Gallery, where i was greeted by amazing people at the door who hooked me up with a vip tag to proceed. As i walked into the red carpet, the photography team from FMG (one guy to be exact) was so rude he pushed me and told me he was trying to take a picture of some girl behind me, i quickly moved away because on that night i was not going to let any bad energy ruin my mood. We all made our way in and we were greeted with some drinks at the door (wine and traditional beer) and we were ushered in by very lovely ushers who showed me to the Frow (frontrow). The host, Babongile Skhonjwa welcomed us all and introduced the opening act who included a poem from lady Tshawe a well choreographed dance routine from (forgot name) and Seagirl. In the crowd i saw a lot of famous faces including the beautiful Soneni Gwizi, T1nda, Khulumani FM team (Miss T, Tracy Ndlovu, Bra Khesa), Emma Nxumalo, Sherine Demba (United Refineries), Skyz Metro team (Patience Phiri, Nka Mathonsi) to mention but a few.

The Showcase.

As i said before, this comes down as my favorite show this year, i think it was even better than fashion week in terms of attendance, organization and obviously the designs (lol the reasons we had attended). So the models where called Brides and let me stick to that. Below i will share with you the designs, inspiration and the details as written by the designers of these amazing designs.

Cowhide inspired skirt
i think the highlight of these designs was the head gears

After attending this amazing showcase, its safe to say, Bulawayo Fashion Industry has fully been revived.  These designs are high fashion looks, African Contemporary Creative Designs.  Also on the night it was announced that every Last Friday of the month, as Bulawayo we should dress in our Traditional gear and hold our Culture day. i`m really looking forward to this day and to rock some of these designs.

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