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The September Issue

September 25, 2018

September is the January of fashion, the start of a new season and not just a new season but a season of color and great weather and a season of fashionable events and amazing food . As most would say, spring has officially sprung. I wrote this article a few weeks ago but have not had time to edit it and post it. When I talk about spring fashion I think of very colorful clothes, great food and beautiful locations. I collaborated with 2 of my friends and we created a beautiful  spring shoot. Let me introduce you to the team behind the scenes of my shoot.


Puzzle Moment Pictures.

Puzzle Moment Pictures is an upcoming photographer who specialises in runway, editorial, events and coperate photography. It is run by one of the youngest photographers in Bulawayo and is fast becoming the biggest photographic brand , his passion and drive is what attracted me to his works. The first time we spoke he  proved to be hungry for success, willing to learn more and improve his craft and that remindedme of when istarted this blog.


Genesis Foods

If you follow me on Instagram, im sure you already have an idea who and what Genesis is about, but if you don’t let me introduce you to it. Genesis Foods is a luxury food brand based in Bulawayo who’s aim is to be the leading food brand in Zimbabwe. I was introduced to these guys last year at an event in Bradfield and then a friend of mine sent me some luxurious pictures of their food and I was hooked. According to them, they want to serve food that will satisfy the eye before one tastes it. Im not really a foodie but their meals turned me into one.Try them too and give me a testimony I might be abe to treat you to a lunch date sponsored by Genesis Foods.

Outfit Details

  1. Shoes- Sebago Classic shoe in Cardo colour
  2. Trousers- Zara Man
  3. White shirt- Zara Man
  4. Pink waffle Knit top- Ferradini Sweater.

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