The Bonacure re-Launch

September 23, 2018

On Wednesday i saw an amazing poster about an event happening in Bulawayo on the 24th and on the 26th, me being me I texted the number on the poster and spoke to an amazing lady who explained what the event was about and then invited me to attend the event and share it on my blog. I was quick to say yes because I thought their next client could be on my followers list and I thought it would be lovely to introduce you to the brand.

The Schhwarzkopf Professional hair care brands launch is being hosted by Lesel Brands and the main product being re-launched is the Bonacure Range. This product has been launched in Harare and because Lesel brands realized that some of their other clients outside Harare missed out and so they decided to bring the party to the people. The Lesel brands team will be present at the launch, conducting the business of the day and the CEO Mr David Clinton will be present to meet with the clients and everyone present.

I did a bit of research o the brand but I do not want to tell you stuff I read on Google, let me try and wait until tomorrow so I give you facts and the real deal as to what happens tomorrow.

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