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The Nesbitt Castle: Bulawayo Zimbabwe

September 2, 2018

Hey guys 2018 is almost over and i wanted to share with you a skill that i have but have not really used a lot because of fear of the unknown. Anyway, i am feeling great today that is why i decided to share these images with you. Most of my followers do not know that i am a self taught creative photo-shoot director and stylist and i do it as a part time job. A few weeks ago i collaborated with my friends to create this beautiful photo-shoot at this lovely serene Boutique hotel in Bulawayo called The Nesbitt Castle.

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I am very big on collaborations and below we had a big, (actually one of my biggest collaborations with my friends) and created this glorious photo-shoot themed The Glam Edit which was shot at the Nesbitt Castle by my friend Ricky  the dresses where designed by Empress Primmy and the modes where Rutendo and Michelle. Please comment down below if you would like for me to do a review of the Nesbitt Castle in detail so i can share with you a full detailed blog post on it.

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