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August 15, 2018

Hi guys, i am excited to be back on this beautiful site. Ladies and gentleman i have an exciting project to work on with your help (i will tell you about it soon), in the meantime i would love to introduce you to one of my newest finds, those that know me know that i am a lover of good clothing, good wine and beautiful spaces. i drove past Ascot shopping center the other day and i saw a big pink balloon outside one of the houses there i was curious as to what it was and i went in, boy i realized i was in heaven, it was the most beautiful beauty spa ever. I was in a hurry i did not have time to stay for a treatment but i’m going there this weekend where i will send you beautiful images of the Beauty haven

The Importance of Grooming for Gentlemen

It is just as important for men to be well groomed as it is for women.  It isn’t just about the clothes that you wear, it is about the whole package.  It is nice for your wife or partner to know that you take care of yourself.  Having a massage regularly helps reduce stresses and tensions of daily life.  Also having a facial to keep your skin looking clean and well looked after is important, removing blackheads that may have started to show on your face from washing with soap and water.  Having regular manicures and pedicures, to have your toes clipped and shaped and the dead skin removed, so your feet look in tip top condition.

This is important for your presentation in every day life and makes your feel more confident in yourself.  When you look good you also feel good and people notice the extra spring in your step.

What is on Offer for Men

We offer to our Male Clients, all Massage treatments, Facial treatments, Manicure (Hands) treatments, Pedicure (Feet) treatments

We also offer an “Every Man’s Dream Package”, this is a great package for a man to start with cause in 2 hours you experience total relaxing starting with a Full Body Massage, then the Deep Cleanse Facial is a great starter for a man who has never looked after his skin as it involves steaming to open the pores, so the blackheads can be removed, this facial also involves a fantastic and relaxing facial massage, then the mini manicure and pedicure to clean up the hands and feet which involves filing the nails, rasping the feet, then finishing off with a nice relaxing foot & hand massage.  Then a new man evolves at the end of this package feeling chilled, relaxed and well groomed.

They are located in 4 different places in Zimbabwe, in Khumalo, Bulawayo,  Landela Complex Victoria Falls, A’Zambezi River Lodge, Victoria Falls  and Rainbow Hotel, Victoria Falls.

the spa caters for everyone and prides itself in treating  Client’s like they are the only people in the world.  They have set up the Spa’s for privacy and Relaxation, the treatment rooms are set up to cater for individuals, couples & a triple room is available at Khumalo & Landela Complex. The best part about their Khumalo facilities is that they have space for small parties and events for close family and friends or to host launch parties in Zimbabwe.

The staff is retrained when they commence with the Company, so that they are well versed on catering to International Client’s and to suit the needs of customers.

Next week i will take you on a journey into the spa, show you what there and what they offer for me, a very classy client lol… Till next week, stay blessed and be good..

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