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Ben Chest

March 2, 2018

Having started Modelling at a tender age, Ben Chest has been able to earn his stripes as one of Zimbabwe’s top models, actor and one of Bulawayo’s most stylish males. He started modelling to boost his confidence and overcome circumstances surrounding him. He recalls being on the runway for the first time and says it was one of his greatest moments as people shouted and screamed and that made him want to stay on tje runway longer and that influenced him to take this career to the next level.

Building a brand in Zimbabwe is a bit hard, he says his approach to it is very clear but also strategic,  as a young entrepreneur his hope is to become a multi business person and still become an international model and the country’s leading man in fashion and style.

“The rate of fashion designing and modelling in the country is growing fast because most people are starting to invest in the talent we have as a city” he said.  According to Ben most people are now wearing locally designed clothing as opposed to before where people relied on thrifted clothing and Chinese stuff because the designers  have improved in quality and their products are worth investing in. His 3 personal favourite man’s wear designers are Clix designs, Bernard Hats and Destino Designs.

As a country we are moving foward, technology is taking over and we live in a digital era meaning they will be more opportunities and chances for Zimbabwean models. Advertising campaigns are being curated and those will created to create employment and chances for models and creatives. This is the reason why I wakeup and want to become a brand to be associated with. The quality of modelling in bulawayo has grown so much that we now have international standard models and according to him Jimmy Mhlanga, Nobuhle Nkala, Miyamiko Banda,  Shadel Noble and obviously himself are what we call the city’s best models.

If ever I was to talk to the 18 year old Ben would be to discover himself more, allow himself to grow and find that thing that makes him happy and run with it without giving up on his dreams. He must know that patience is a virtue , success is never an overnight process above all he must never be afraid to fail because you can never be successful unless you are willing to fail.

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