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My Closet Diaries….

February 28, 2018

Hi guys, I am sorry for the silence, the blog was hacked and the web developers have just finished working on it. it took weeks for it to be perfect but hey, we are back. It is a great pleasure to finally announce that we have been nominated and shortlisted at the Bloggers Awards We are under the Fashion and style blog category. I am super excited for this nomination and I would like to thank every single one of you who has assisted us, shared the content, liked and even those that have just been reading. Anyway lets get to the order of the day….

Someone asked me a few weeks ago what my favourite pieces from my closet where, I think I love almost everything I have because either it was gifted, It was expensive or I stole it from my mother’s closet which means its of sentimental value to me. So I wont talk about everything I love I will select 5 different pieces (clothes and accessories) that I am currently obsessed with.

1. Leather Cap.

This was a gift from my friend. I genuinely love caps because they always save me from my weird hair days and also because they give my face and eyes shade from this horrible sunlight. another reason why I love this cap is the fact that its classy and can be worn anywhere, indoors or outdoors and I wear it even during winter.

2. White Denims.

These have seen me through days when I felt like I had nothing to wear to days when I just felt like being clean and simple while walking in town. They have also served as formal trousers when I attended the hip hop awards last year. What I like about them is how versatile they can be, I wear them to the movies, to a date, to the dams and even to a meeting. All I have to do is choose the perfect pair of shoes to go with them and the perfect top.

3. Vintage Denim Jacket.

This is a thrifted jacket that I got last year and im still in love with it. It has also seen me through lazy days at the movies to date nights. I also have worn this to work related business and I love the fact that its comfortable yet it is timeless.

4. Gladiator Sandals.

These are the most comfortable sandals ever. We have gone clubbing together, gone to the movies together, gone to work and even gone on holiday together. These are very much comfortable in a way that they allow me to dress down an outfit and add an element of comfort to it.

5. Sunglasses.

I’d be lying if I finished this list without a pair of sunglasses. These are timeless and very useful during summer. I use them all through the year and I hate eye contact with some people I rely on my shades to stand in between me and those people. Lol if I could I would wear shades to the club just to avoid looking directly at people’s eyes.

6. B A G S.

After being comfortable in this outfit I then need a bag. What would a closet be without bags to accessorise with. Invest in expensive leather bags so you don’t have to always buy bags.

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  1. Shades are my thing too. Besides the fact that my eyes are just super sensitive to the sun, I also don’t like making eye contact and shades are always there for me. I can also fashion police without being noticed LOL

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