Welcome to 2018

January 4, 2018

As we enter into the new year allow me to wish you a successful 2018. This is a year where I feel more closer to God and more dedicated to working harder and smarter. I no longer make new year’s resolutions as I never really stick to them but I set weekly and monthly plans that guide me to working harder every week. But this year I plan to enjoy my life, club less, drink less, work harder, take care of myself (physically and mentally) and travel a lot.

These are things I have never done before and as I take my blog to the next level I want to set a few goals for it. I want to use it as a platform to grow not only my brand but some of my blogger friends too, I want to hold events under the blog and I want it to influence the ordinary person who does not believe they can become what they want to become. It took me years to finally wake up and start because I also was scared of what the world would say, how they would accept me and after I started I can safely say there is no going back.

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