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The Fabulous Queen

December 3, 2017

2 years ago I joined a movement of fashion bloggers called Fashion Bloggers Association of Zimbabwe. I have to admit that was when I finally took my blog to the next level and realize that this is actually a full time job. In the group there where lots of bloggers that I met and drew inspiration from but I have to say Vanessa was my total muse. She inspired, motivated and was my mentor ever since. Yesterday she launched her YouTube channel in Johannesburg, in an event which defined her, intimate and stylish.


Today is her birthday ladies and Gentleman help me celebrate this day with my queen. Bellow I compiled a few of my favorite looks from her. Tell me which one you love on the comments bellow.


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  1. You are such a daarrrrrling! I totally adore you boo. Our friendship is one I cherish ❤❤❤ Thank you. I am literally crying. Just feeling way too emotional today🙈😘😘😘

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