Twenty Four

December 2, 2017

Hey guys, so finally I am 24. The age where you cant sit and wait for things to happen, as bloggers i feel we have so much work to do and I am excited about most of the new developments in my life. Being a Bulawayo based Blogger nothing really happens for us and I have learnt that you have to create opportunities for you to have a full time career in blogging.

So on friday the 1st of December was my birthday I was turning 24, it was a really emotional day for me as I had to reflect on 2017 (such a terrible year for me), loosing my closest brother, leaving the job that I loved to persue a career in fashion and lifestyle blogging and signing to an advertising agency that I had to leave a few months after because we had different views of how I wanted my brand to become. So its really been a journey and I have really enjoyed it. I’m excited about turning 24, new opportunities, new dreams and a change in my lifestyle. I am looking into exploring the radio and television avenue and in 2017 we are going to be involved in hosting a lot of fashion events, more brand partnerships and definitely more shoots. I feel its time for me to come out to the world. So I have really been struggling with my weight issues, and so many insecurities that I have with myself I feel being 23 has taught me to love me more, accept the flaws and work on changing that which I cant accept.

What would my birthday be without gifts. Allow me to show you what I got on my 24th


So I got myself this bag a few weeks ago. I have carried it once I feel its too special tone worn daily. 🎁


This is a gift I got for myself and it’s a bit expensive but private. I could not open and share with you guys what it is. But just know its my biggest investment this month.


So this girl is a regular reader of this website. She loves me to bits and she sent me this for my birthday. She calls me a young Queen 👑


Boy named Troy ❤👑. Thank you. You are magic I will wear this for our date night soon.


People from this blog are too amazing. Thank you for these babies. They have inspired me to shoot more often and share with you guys…


Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday messages. I appreciate all of you. ❤

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  1. first of all l would love to say Happy belated birthday my dear friend, have been away l couldn`t managed to spent your day with you, though was celebrating with you where l was. It`s been a beautiful year, you should celebrate your achievements with no doubts, nothing comes without a sweat. Am glad you find confidence to talk about your insecurities and trying to work on them which is a sign of being celebrating yourself. in life learn to forgive which is the true remedy of healing. your hard working will reward you. remember secret is God. lots of love Dzoe Ahmad

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