The Foodie in ME

October 27, 2017

Take me back to when my blogging journey began, I would have told you that I would never write a food or restaurant review. I am not much of a foodie I dont think I would like to share with people what I eat daily because during busy days I eat very little or nothing at all. Look at me now, doing my very first food post. I can tell you that it will not be my last. Most people that know me will tell you that im not really a foodie, by the way what is a foodie? (Lol). Who am I kidding though? I live on junk food, my bag is filled with lots of junk food, sweets, juice and water.

My childhood best friend took me to heif last weekend and heaven we had a nice time. I did not know what I wanted to eat so I let her order for me, the minute she said burger I automatically felt like making her order was not the greatest idea. When the food came my mouth had an orgasm. I had never seen such a beautiful, mouth watering burger in my life. I dont even know how I should start explaining to you how it tasted but ladies and gentlemen it was as beautiful and as delicious as it looked. The chips on the side where equally as delicious.

Im not a burger person as I mentioned before but I think what made it more appetising was the presentation of the food, the beautiful restaurant and the lovely decor inside the restaurant was just amazing. I would recommend that you go try out their bacon and cheese burger on a sunday afternoon, make sure you go with a camera because their place is worth a lot of pictures. I am would rate them 7/10, the stuff stares a lot and that made me sooo uncomfortable but everything else is on point.

Please note this is not a sponsored post.

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