The only ACE in the Pack!

October 16, 2017

One of the most difficult questions I had when I was starting out as a blogger was, “What am I going to write about?” I knew I loved Fashion but i wasn’t really a style blogger then (still working towards archiving that goal). I then decided that I wanted to give my readers the front row seat to everything I do from the events I attend, the places I go to and the people I find interesting enough to write about. On top of my list was Arthur Evans, a media personality, Influencer, one of the most Fashionable gentleman in my city and if course a model and events host. A few days ago I had the privilege to talk to him and let me tell you, it was an amazing interview. I know its long but its really worth it. Grab a cup of coffee and lets get motivated and inspired by this handsome man with a beautiful heart.

1.Please Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a passionate and sincere man who believes in the best in everyone before their worst. I have lofty ambitions and loves nothing more than being able to change an atmosphere in a persons life or an audiences mood. I love to dance (if the setting is right) and I always prefer to smile at people. I am also very intense when it comes to my work and I am very strong willed when it comes to it. As I like to say, ‘There are many cards in the pack but there’s only one ACE in the pack – Arthur C. Evans

2.How did it all begin?

It was by divine circumstance that I was asked to host a small modeling show because no MC had been appointed. So since I was at the time a top 5 finalist in the country’s premier modeling competition ‘Supermodel’ I stood up to be counted, hosted the event and as they say, ‘The rest is history’.

I worked for SPAR Zimbabwe as a training officer for 3 years after successfully completing a management trainee program and then joined the family construction business where I was reunited with my father. All the while I was being asked and referred to host events, mostly small scale events and in 2004 I started my on and off dance with the national broadcaster ZBC as a presenter for the ZITF highlights packages. I used to have long hair that I used to put in locks or ‘corn row’ but ZBC gave me an ultimatum to cut my hair or to never work with them on the production again – I cut my hair.

From street activations on the corner of a street to eventually a go to name for corporate events I then began to structure my speaking as a business and set up a live website with the wonderful Jermaine Chapfiwa through his company Instant Solutions Consultancy who created a platform (A.C.E) for all my clients to book me online no matter where they are in the world. Then the next step – national and regional presence. I had no solutions for this and when I was just about to give up the Presenter Search on SABC 3 for a spot as a presenter came up and my wife Lorna pushed me to do it. After reaching the top 10 in Guateng (top 30 for the entire competition) I came back and knew that I had to climb higher levels and thus the Arthur C. Evans Show on DSTV was born, Breakfast with ACE on Skyz Metro FM every Saturday from 6am-10am was birthed and so the story continues with the recent highlight being my first international event – Mrs Universe 2017.

The center of my world, my beautiful daughter Jessica continues to remind that there is a God and that everything I do is to create an even better life for her than I had.

3. You transitioned from modeling to presenting. How has been the transition? 

Dale Harding the show producer for Zimbabwe’s biggest modeling competition of the 90s in which I was a finalist told the model that you had to be prepared to anything and that modeling wasn’t just merely walking down a ramp but that you had to embody roles just as an actor does. This was a key statement for me considering that I had some oratory skills from leadership positions that I held in high school. Once thrown into the deep end with events it was the people that I worked with that helped me become better. People like Paul Gama and the late Amai Garisanu gave me nuggets of wisdom that centered me as a presenter. It was a project of love, sweat and tears often doing events for free just for the love of the trade and eventually working through my kinks to become what I am still growing into today.

So as it is often said, nothing in life is easy and the transition wasn’t it only helped by confidence, help, humility to learn and some hard and tough lessons.

4.What are some of your greatest works so far?

I have done almost all there is to be done as an MC and presenter. I have done almost every type of presentation which include:

Live television presentations, corporate events, live television commentary, weddings, award ceremonies, brand launches, road shows, voice over, motivational talks, training workshop facilitation, pageants and radio


Host of the inaugural African edition of the Mrs Universe Finals 2017 SABC3 Top Billing Presenter Search Top 30 (Gauteng Top 10) Finalist 2015 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1SrDPXSHzwHis production ‘The Arthur C. Evans Show’ won 16th NAMA Award for Outstanding Television Production directed by Trey Ncube – Awarded Feb 201712th Position at the National Megafest Businessman of the year awards – Awarded Dec 2016

Past engagements include:

Currently host on Skyz Metro RadioBreakfast with A.C.E 6:00am – 10:00amCurrent Anchor for ZBC NewsGood Morning Zimbabwe – Tuesdays and ThursdaysMain News – Wednesdays

~ Coke International ‘Taste the Feeling’ 2016 Launch – Zimbabwe Launch

~ SABC3 “Presenter Search on 3” Top 30 finalist (Jo’burg) 2015

~Zimbabwe International Tourism Expo Welcome – Sanganai/Hlanganani 2016

~ Zimbabwe International Trade Fair – Mine Entra 2016 Launch

~ African Union Sports Council Region 5 Television draw 2014 (ZBC and SADC)

~ African Union Sports Council Region 5 LIVE television commentary for Athletics 2014 (ZBC and SADC)

~ Jaques Terblanche Concert (South African Idols finalist) 2006
5.How do you manage work and family seeing that you a busy man?

TD Jakes said, “Nothing great was ever achieved without help.” Without priorities it is very difficult to set a course for success. The order in which you attack certain tasks is at the epicenter of effect time management. It takes a strong backbone as well to prioritize because you will have to leave things and people behind to accomplish certain things. So if you have a weak spine chances are you will work your entire life without knowing your full potential. I am fortunate to have people around me that support me from every corner. I must admit though, I cannot commit to every request and for that reason I do turn down some requests. It still baffles me to this day that people can spend months organizing an event but only look for me two days before the event and hope to find me free. I mean sometimes I will be free but it is always best to plan in advance. So I commend the companies and individuals that have made the effort to book dates for 2018 now.

6.Where do we see Arthur in 5 years?

That’s easy – one word. ‘INTERNATIONAL’

7. Tell us about Mrs Universe gig, how it came about and how it felt being on that stage knowing you are representing Zimbabwe.

Africa made history that night, South Africa made history but most of all, for a man from a small city called Bulawayo, Zimbabwe made history and nothing and no one can take that away from every Zimbabwean least of all me. I am so proud to have stepped out onto that stage. Its scale, production value, production quality and the recognition you get for being the person at the center of the stage. It was wonderful to have my craft respected and dignified. Often times I wont be offered a seat or will have to struggle to get service but you’ll be expected to deliver no matter what. Despite what it sounds like I am grateful for ‘tough gigs’ like that as they have kept me humble because I never complain. My job is to make the event stand out. With Mrs Universe everything came together and most exiting is the work that these focused and driven professional woman have got going for them. Being part of the #OneVoice movement against women and child abuse meant all the more knowing that I was part of something much bigger than just time in the spotlight. As an MC you always have to manage your space and the scenario that you may find yourself in. All the guests on stage were shy and wanted to announce the winners off stage. I pulled them on stage and I was given the honor of announcing the eventual winner from Vietnam on the center of the stage at the Durban International Convention Center. Somebody say ‘WOW!’
8.You are force to be reckoned with, which Zimbabwean person would you want to work with and why?

Strive Musiwa – sections of his visions and my vision are complimentary. Strive if you are reading this we have a nation to impact, a continent to galvanize and an entire planet as an unsuspecting audience.
9.What do you prefer Radio, TV or Live presenting at Events?

To be honest I don’t prefer any one to the other. Now I know that that is not what you want to hear but it’s the truth. You see, for me the gift of speech is my power. As long as I can speak to an audience I know that I can affect them and therefore the platform from which I speak from is not important but rather the OPPORTUNITY to speak. I am different in my approach and that is because there is only one A.C.E. in the pack so give me the microphone and lets make waves!

10.Whats your skin care routine and what products do you love most?

Oh my goodness, I am terrible at consistency. The only saving grace that I have is that I drink an incredible amount of water and I like to be clean despite the fact that I don’t mind getting dirty. Apart from that I am a Garnier man for my face. My doctor told me local is lekker because some soaps react with my skin so low alkaline soaps are best so I use Jade soap or any other soap that isn’t harsh. Oh and before I forget I have started using Nivea Mens cream and I must admit. This could be the new me!
11. 5 favorite pieces in your closet.

Knitted ties, charcoal slim fit shirt, oxford loafers, designers cuffs (wrist bands), Every man needs a good time piece – my Fossil watch (before that I had a Lorus and the end goal is to own an original Breitling watch)BONUS – I actually love wearing shorts
12.You have fashion rule that you follow every Friday, tell us more about that one.

So I have a muted movement which I will one day shout about properly and its called, “Because It’s Friday” (#BecauseItsFriday)

Basically it started when my life coach told my workmate and I that we should always endeavors to stand out somehow so that we did not conform to ‘the crowd’. It could have been anything big or small. I think my workmate started saying morning declarations. For me, I decided that as one of the youngest managers in the company at the time that I would join every other member of the organization and all other corporates in the country by dressing ‘down’ on Fridays in casual clothing. Instead I decided many years ago to DRESS UP on a Friday because I believe that that is how I will dress on most days and so far it seems to be leaning that way. So recently I started sharing posts about it and soon I will be making the call to all the visionaries to join me (and you can start now if you like) officially and take a picture of themselves or part of their clothing after dressing up on a Friday and posting the pictures on social media using the hash tag #BecauseItsFriday to let the world know that you DO NOT CONFORM to mediocrity and that you are a success in the making.
13.When I came to your show you asked me a question on radio, now allow me to ask you the same question,  what do you think of men wearing Pink?

LOL!!!! Good one!!! I do not mind men wearing pink to be honest but I don’t like wearing pink. My sister and my female friends all seem to like pink so from that I am just not comfortable wearing pink despite the many compliments I used to get when I had to wear it as a uniform once upon a time. I know that its just a color and many men like myself associate with women but honestly, its just a color. I love white and electric blue and some else will like red and purple. Does this give insight into their train of thought, standards and character. As far as I know no it doesn’t, it is purely a personal preference NOT to wear pink.

14. I for one am inspired by you, what advice would you give me and other young people out there who see you as an inspiration?

Thank you so much, I really do appreciate your kind words which in themselves are inspiring. To you and others I would say that money, fame and power are very nice to have but be sincere in your actions and remember that no man is an island. Respect is a major major for me. I don’t care who a person is and what they do, because God decided to put them on this green and brown planet then there is something powerful inside of them that must be respected no matter how developed it is. This respect will help you to stay humble and in humility you will find the ability to work hard, another key ingredient to success. A lot of people think that I am arrogant and stuck up but what people don’t realize is that from modeling I learnt how to walk with confidence even if I don’t feel confident. I will speak because it is my gift and I love affecting atmospheres. I was an introvert as a child and I still want to spend time alone. From this I am saying:

Acquire knowledge and skills to help you become more than just raw talent do what you love and love what you and then share it with the world. Remember your weakness, they will keep you balanced

Its been a pleasure having you here. Thank you for you time.

Thank you so much for the interview Front Row 263, I truly appreciate it. Remember, whatever you do don’t just do it, ACE it! #YouACEdit



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