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October 11, 2017

It’s always great to meet a person who shares the same interest’s as you, someone with great conversation skills and a great taste in fashion. I love meeting such people and when I got the opportunity to sit down with this fine gentleman I swear I realized that men are stepping up the game. Gone are the days when men would just wear a black suit and go to work. Now men pay attention to every single detail on their outfits from their shoes to the way they smell. Meeting this humble gent taught me that its 2017, what was I expecting. Without talking too much let me introduce you to my fashion friend and brother Nigel Mtetah

Nigel Mtetah

Who is Nigel ?

Nigel is a 23 year old fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Harare, Zimbabwe. During the vast expansion of the online world and social media, i found myself caught-up within this realm of fashion and have established myself as a blogger / fashion influencer. I have branded as My Fashion Statement and would like to think of myself as an open person,  who loves to spend most of his time being productive.
How do you think fashion blogging has changed your life?

Since the start of My Fashion Statement, the reaction has been incredible and the opportunities that have already come through my blog will leave me with forever lasting memories, though according to my own aspirations, i have done nothing but just scratched the surface.I have of course experienced a very fruitful and profitable stay on social media and most importantly, I appreciate the relationships I have established and how i have learnt to cope with others.

Take us through a day in your life ? 

On a scale of  boring to interesting, I would rate any day as moderately intriguing. I basically wake up around 6am everyday, bath, check my emails and social media instantly, draft down my schedule and to-do list.Head over to the office, schedule meetings etc. Unless I have a project specifically lined up that day or meetings. I could either catch-up with some mates, stay online researching or I’ll be editing some bits for any current or future projects.

As much as i would love to tailor my day according to my own thoughts, something always comes up along the way but bottom line is I love to keep it as productive as possible.

My fashion Statement

How do you choose what you wear ?

I experiment with different looks, and mostly focus on being clean and comfortable. Unless i have to specifically dress-up, I love to keep the look simple and sophisticated. Its equally important that when I shop for bits to wear, I make comparisons on different products on their quality and how i would style each item according to my wardrobe.

Do you follow trends or create your own?

To be honest i draw inspiration from everything that exists around me, but most of all the need to look and feel clean sways my outfit decisions. I hardly follow trends but learn from them, after all, why sheep when you can be the shepherd !

What are the wardrobe essentials that every man should have?

1. A fine time piece (watch) with leather straps

2. A pair of dress shoes, preferably oxfords

3. A navy blue slim-fit suit

My Fashion Statement

Do you have a skincare routine? If you do what do you use on your face and how often?

I am very basic when it comes to skin care, i am not very particular about it. I use a set of Nivea products, well to be frank, just the face wash. But I do drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.
Whats your favorite fragrance currently ?

It’s interesting how a scent can change the way someone thinks of you instantly. A friend brought in a fragrance i found online, “FCUK him”, from Dubai. I’m full of praise for this fragrance and will continue to find out more about this modern English brand.

If you want to see more and know more about Nigel please follow him on Instagram @nigelmtetah or subscribe to his blog on http://www.nigelmtetah.wordpress.com and while we are at it please share this post with all our friends.

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  1. astonishing article Ayanda, what an eye open to the modern Zimbabwean men. Must say, i strongly agree with Nigel on the all of the three holy grails of men’s worbrobe.

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