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Finding Your Personal Style

October 9, 2017

Finding your personal style is not an over night thing to do, it takes time, dedication and lots of mistakes. I think the secret to finding your personal style is finding what you like, making mistakes as you try it out, knowing what’s good for your body type and what’s not then adding your own personal touch to the looks. On this post allow me to guide you into finding your own personal style. Its very easy but remember as I said before it takes time to perfect.

1. Find Inspiration.
Looking for outfit inspiration requires one to be constantly online. I usually bookmark 3 of my favorite style blogging sites and constantly check them out to see what’s haute and what not to do during different seasons. Please note that as you bookmark your favorite bloggers look for someone with the same body type as yours so that you do not struggle trying out clothes for bigger people when you are skinny. Also constantly check on Instagram how other people dress, I’ve noticed that most times I have the clothes but do not know how to put them together so my go to site is Instagram. You will learn how to dress for different seasons and occasions.

2. Experiment.
Now that you have found some inspiration its time to experiment with clothes. Its allowed to make mistakes at this stage because remember Mistakes are the best teachers of life. During this stage also be open to suggestions, ask for advice and criticism from your close friends if you are brave enough ask online and always keep an open mind. This is the stage where you start building your closet adding pieces that you love and pieces that work for your body. My secret is as you do that always try and keep a color palette.

3. Personalize your style.
This is the hardest yet fun part of this process. You now know what works for you, your collection is ready now is the time to identify what you love (Styles, Accessories, Types of shoes and bags etc) and add it to your collection of clothes. This process is called styling you basic stuff and adding life to your outfits. It requires creativity and if you feel you are not sure please always keep it simple, you will never go wrong will the theme “less is more”.

Bellow I compiled pictures of my favorite fashionista that I think you might want to check out for style inspiration also follow him onย and see if their style works with yours.


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