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September 13, 2017

Having showcased at the recently ended Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Ghana, Sanah designs is set to change the world one garment after the other. Her recent collection was a mixture of art and advocacy for HIV and Aids in collaboration with Ten Conversations which shocked many people as it was a first of its kind. We sat down with Sanah and decided to go through her journey with her.

Designer Sanah Mamthue

#FR263- How did you fall in love with Fashion?

#S.D- It’s funny how I fell in love with fashion ,like every child when I was at primary level I was asked by the teacher what I wanted to be when I grew up ,I would get stuck because everything I knew, I didn’t want to be and I became stupid to an extent that the teacher started to ask if I did not want to be a teacher ,doctor or even a lawyer and my answer was no. Then at high school they chose practicals for all 1st years and I found myself in a food and Nutrition class I was excited because I imagined myself eating good food during practical days lol. Then before I could even get into the kitchen I was moved to agriculture class because food class was full and 1 student had to be moved. In form 3, the question of what I wanted to do came up again this time the vision was there and I said I wanted to make clothes, dress beautiful girls and boys and get people to take pictures of my work and also feature on the magazines. After O’level I went on to do accounting and 2 weeks later I left for designing school where I enrolled at Polytechnic College in Bulawayo. Thats when the dream started to turn into a reality.

#FR263-From living in Bulawayo then Harare then Capetown, what have you learnt about fashion that you’d like to share with us.
#S.M – am glad that I’ve had the privilege of staying from one place to another and the fact that am back in Zimbabwe I can say I have learnt a lot of things which will contribute to my growth as a business woman. I have learnt that life is too short do what you can and what you love now while you still intact ,and I got to see how creative people are out there which motivated me to pull up my socks and deliver great service to my clients.

Daughter take heed, sickness has no eyes

#FR263- Of all the shows you have done, which one has been your favourite.
#S.D- that’s a difficult question because I loved every shows I showcased at, for they had their own different story and a different lesson but If I had to choose one I think Durban fashion fair was the highlight of them all because everything there was properly organized and the show was amazing at the same time I loved Ghana Mercedes Benz a lot because of the source of inspiration behind my collection ,I had a privilege of working with conversations of health and was inspired buy ten conversation of HIV and aids which is an organization that is having conversations with people about Hiv and aids through music, poetry and art.

In the beginning there was no word, just the sound of silence could be heard the mumbling and rumours of the prehistory of the virus before it is

#FR263- You have been in the game for quite sometime now, what can you say helped build your brand.
#S.D- The day I finally stood up and followed my dream was that moment. After having followed my dreams a lot of great opportunities followed like being attached at carousel Edgars I got to see the real world of fashion designing ,winning at the clothing indaba as the best designer of the year also gave me hope and made me realize that yes I CAN DO IT. Working as a fashion designer at Escapades really strengthened me and trust me I grew a thick skin lastly being in Capetown molded me to being a better business Minded young woman. I am proud of myself, I really am proud of all my achievements.

#FR263-What have been some of your greatest achievements?
#S.D- Winning clothing indaba 2014 was my best and first achievement. It really molded me to becoming the person I am today. Also showcasing at the Mercedes Benz Ghana (2017). Showcasing at the Durban fashion fair (2015). Dressing the reigning Miss Tourism Zimbabwe Ashley Morgan on her crowning ceremony also is on top of my list.

Health is 20%
Medicine is 80%
What you do.

#FR263- At the Ghana Fashion show you had an interesting collection, tell us more about that.
#S.D- My collection was inspired by Ten Conversations to end Aids. I collaborated with Ten Conversations of Hiv and Aids which is an organizations that communicates and passes the message to the world about Hiv and aids through music, poetry, art and fashion. My collection had poetry lines taken from Ten Conversations to end Aids poetry book. During my showcase in Ghana I used used a song sang by Albert Nyathi, Daniel low beer and Derick Mpofu from Ten conversations the song called when and if I die. It was emotional but soo beautiful and the message managed to cut through to the people it was going to.

#FR263- What words of advise would you give to a young african girl child aspiring to be a designer?
#S.D- Gone are the days when man were the most successful in the world with the gift of fashion and creativity that you have, you can be whoever and whatever you want to be the sky is not the limit, go ahead and become the star that you are.

For Those we have lost and still lose and shall lose no longer

#FR263- Having been on international stages, what do you think a Zimbabwean designer needs for them to reach the international level interms of designing and garment creation.
#S.D- As Zimbabweans I think we have it all in our hands. The question I always ask myself is what is international? The day people will understand what international is and what the fashion business is, is going to be the day we will reach international standards.

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